Ad Shaw Sci Art

sci-brainSci-Art basically investigates the relationship between the arts and sciences by creative professionals. Adrian Shaw is both an artist and a scientist, which gives him a unique perspective. Adrian studied science at Birkbeck and Imperial College Universities, London, and art at Central St. Martin’s College of Art. Adrian is a flexible, lateral thinker and problem solver specialising in course/project marketing and development, with both wide and particular interests. He has worked in UK and North American industrial, governmental & educational sectors, with over 30 years experience including project management. Research interests include: Research and Development of Analytical Chemical methods applied to biomolecules, heavy metals and toxic gases; synthesis of natural and synthetic organics. Light based methods, painting and photography are applied to art projects. He has also devised new courses/projects in ‘Sci-Art’, ‘Environmental Science & Society’, ‘Film theory & practice’, ‘Media & Science’, ‘Politics’, etc. Adrian undertakes commissions in writing, marketing and also teaching in art, science, media, humanities and creative writing.


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